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When you return your crockery and cutlery to us we will clean and sanitise to very high standard including removing protein based particles to ensure our products are contamination free for the next customer to use. This compulsory washing will be calculated on quoting your order.


At Choices Hire we provide equipment that has been thoroughly cleaned, inspected and wrapped where appropriate, for your immediate use.
All that we ask of you is that you ensure that ALL food and liquid debris is removed from the equipment and that the items are restacked in the packing boxes supplied (Glassware should be returned “upright”) ready for us to collect or for you to return to our warehouse.

All our cleaning processes are intended to keep the manual handling of items to an absolute minimum to avoid the possibility of contamination.

We are aware of the need to show due diligence in all our processes to assist caterers to provide a safe, quality service to their customers.

Equipment supplied by us has to have undergone a thorough process of cleansing to commercial dishwasher standard and this is the only standard that we feel is acceptable when equipment is returned to us “clean”

At the conclusion of your event the last thing you want to do is to deal with the unenviable task of doing all the washing up yourself so why not take full advantage of our Wash Up Service.

We have a dedicated wash bay where all our equipment is firstly hand washed, then washed in a commercial dishwasher, packed and rewrapped for further use. Where appropriate cutlery is processed via a separate drying and cleansing process that is concluded by the items being passed under an ultra violet light for complete sanitation.

NB: Linen hire prices do not incur a further cleaning charge unless excessively and unusually soiled.
ISO9001:2015 Certificate #150117

High quality service to you. Each year we submit ourselves to be independently audited to the ISO 9001 standard.

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