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Choices Hire was established by Liz Dawson in 1987. Drawing on extensive multi-disciplinary experiences within catering, planning and coordination requirements of corporate hospitatlity, and the private event management industry.

Founded on providing good quality catering and event equipment at realistic prices and backed by helpful and informative advice to customers.

Providing quality services to the prestigious and coveted ISO9001 certification standard, Choices delivers single item hire to full event management and ancillary services, including staff hire, entertainment provision and licensed bars to its customers throughout the UK and across Europe.

Our very first website - when the Internet was still young but evolving rapidly. The teapots seen here have been our symbol of business on all websites and on our fleet of vehicles ever since!
Our second generation website making use of the advances in website design including animation and special effects.
After several upgrades this was our next major website change designed for touch sensitive screens. Hard to believe now but before this website most screens were operated with a point and click mouse device.
The next major update for the website designed for both the 'traditional' desktop computer and also for the growing market of mobile devices - smart phones and tablets.
Created to be fully responsive for whatever device it is displayed on. Each element of the website will adjust its size and position according to how the device is oriented (vertical or horizontal) and various screen qualities (resolutions etc.).
Our current website. Updated to reflect most visitors use a narrow screen mobile smart phone and to cater for the current style of minimal text with icons. However, it still fully responsive for those using either a tablet or laptop/desktop.
ISO9001:2015 Certificate #150117

High quality service to you. Each year we submit ourselves to be independently audited to the ISO 9001 standard.

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