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Price Promise

Our charges are competitve notwithstanding the very high standard of service we provide. Each year we self audit and then submit ourserlves to an independant auditor to ensure our standards are high. Our annually successful certified audit to ISO9001 is a cost we do not pass on to the customer but it is of significant added value to them as evidence of our commitment to high standards.


If you find a cheaper identical product or services anywhere else of equal standard, Choices Hire Services will do all it can to match the price. The following terms and conditions apply:

- The competitor must have the identical product in stock and available immediately to the general public.

- The competitors product price must include any charges for delivery.

- Offer does not apply to special order items, special offers and exclusive or limited quantity items.

- We reserve the right to ask for written proof of a competitors offer before we beat the price.

- The price promise cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.Choices Hire Services are an ethical company regarding all aspects of our work from procurement through to delivery of our services. We abide by the Prompt Payment Code. Due to our size we are exempt from the Modern Slavery Act 2015 but we follow the ethos of this legislation and require our supply chain to be compliant even if they, too, are exempt.




Anti-slavery & Human Trafficking Policy


Choices Hire Limited is an ethical company regarding all aspects of our work from procurement through to delivery of our services. We abide by the Prompt Payment Code. Due to our size we are exempt from the Modern Slavery Act 2015 but we follow the ethos of this legislation and require our supply chain to be compliant even if they, too, are exempt.

ISO9001 Quality Standard

Choices Hire is one of the, if not the, first UK catering hire and event management business to have submitted itself to full auditing and achieved certification in the ISO9001 standard on quality. We have always strived to be the best at what we do and to provide a quality service to our customers. It is especially pleasing therefore that our efforts have been recognised through an independently audited process and attained certification. The ISO9001 certification is awarded after annual audits to ensure continual quality and improvements.

In addition to our streamlined formal management systems and in recogintion of our focus on customer service we have created our 'third generation' website that not only informs the visitor what our services are but, prices. In this we are almost unique in providing the customer or website visitor with a clear, easy read database of products for hire and their unit cost - along with images of our stock and not taken from a generic sales brochure. Not many other similar businesses can make such a boast! Our aim is to give our customers as much information as possible; no hidden costs; a price beating competative edge and a service that is second to none.

ISO9001 certification demonstrates our commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

Environmental Policy

Choices Hire is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its business activities on behalf of ourselves and our customers.

Wherever practical our waste is re-cycled otherwise it is disposed of ethically via a licensed waste service provider. We use re-cycled crates and packaging for most of our product storage and deliveries and place “end-of-life” products with charities or organisations capable of utilising them.

We are proactive in our reduction of energy use wherever practical by using low energy lighting and other equipment where practical and safe to do so. We have implemented an ethical and environmentally sound drainage scheme for waste water at our business premises and where practical we use local goods and services to support our business.

Terms & Conditions

The contract is for hire or sale of equipment detailed and agreed on the Invoice/Delivery Note. The parties to the contract are the Hirer/official representative/whomever is signatory to the contract either on arrangement or on delivery and Choices Hire Ltd. Registration Number 10672646. Registered Office 38 Bridge Street, Andover, Hampshire SP10 1BW. 
All hire equipment shall remain the property of Choices Hire Ltd at all times. Any purchased equipment shall remain the property of Choices Hire Ltd until full payment is received by Choices Hire Ltd. Acceptance of goods and services from Choices Hire Ltd assumes that the Hirer has accepted Choices Hire Ltd Terms and Conditions.
The hirer/user is required to use the equipment carefully and for its intended use and to comply with all manufacturer requirements/recommendations and with all applicable laws thus relating to. The hirer must ensure that anyone using any equipment is properly instructed on how to use it safely and correctly, and that they have all the instructions required. The hirer must make sure the goods are not misused, sub-hired or removed from site. The period of hire is detailed within the hire contract, Invoice and Delivery Note. All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.
Payment is due immediately on delivery of hired items unless other arrangements have been made.  Outstanding invoices may attract charges of 5% per day unless otherwise negotiated. Charges will be levied when an event is cancelled at less than 14 working days’ notice. The charge can amount to the full hire price of any items but may be proportionate.
Delivery and collection will be charged as agreed. We must be provided with full contact details of the person liable for all charges. In the absence of such details, the person placing the order shall be deemed liable. Any failed delivery or collection will be charged in addition to any final successful delivery or collection. Deliveries will be made between the hours 0900-1700 - Mon to Fri unless prior agreement has been made.  Any collection or return to Choices Hire Ltd should be made between the hours of 0900hrs and midday Mon to Fri unless otherwise arranged. An “out of hours” service is available at an additional charge - details on request.  Delivery and collections relate only to delivery to site, at ground floor level and not for movement around the site.  Any parking fines or other parking costs incurred due to inadequate provision made by the Hirer will be re-charged to the Hirer. Any vehicle/transport weighting charges enforced in any area are chargeable to the Hirer.
Failure to return items as agreed will result in an additional charge equal to the daily rate of hire until such items are returned to Choices Hire Ltd. The hirer shall be charged the replacement cost for missing or damaged items, these charges will be notified to the customer as soon as possible and an invoice issued for the replacement cost. The hirer must also pay any reasonable additional expenses in recovering money or equipment. The count of returned or collected equipment undertaken by Choices is to be taken as the final consideration as to the condition and quantity of returned equipment. This is undertaken where possible on site and also at our premises. We do not accept customer's replacements in lieu of missing items.  All items, including packing cases provided, must be returned undamaged, in a thoroughly clean and dry condition. Any shortages found on delivery must be notified immediately otherwise it is assumed that all items are correct on delivery by Choices Hire Ltd or as collected by the Hirer.  All goods must be checked by the hirer or nominated agent and signed for on receipt and on return. Failure to do so may result in charges being made for missing or damaged items not so advised. Complaints or notification of discrepancies will not be considered after the return of goods or after any event. Delivery to unoccupied premises or alternative persons shall be made at the Hirer's risk only and any such delivery is assumed as being correct.
A wash up service is available. Please ask for full details. All hire items must be re-packed and stacked as delivered, ready for collection.  Time spent on site gathering or re-packing equipment may be charged at £20.00 per hour or part thereof.  We do not undertake to deliver “off road” or where access is restricted.  Please check access for your function.  Full hire charges will be made for all items whereby delivery is attempted but failed due to limited access or where items are cancelled upon delivery. Difficult delivery situations or restricted access will incur extra manpower and additional charges may be incurred to cover this. Vehicle access to marquees/service tents must be wholly adequate and in the event of wet weather a suitable driving surface must be provided to enable vehicular access. Larger equipment such as ovens must have level access and suitable widths - please check website for details or speak to our staff who are happy to assist and advise. 

Whilst every effort is made by Choices to fulfil any order, we reserve the right to cancel or vary the order in the event of circumstances beyond our control. Every effort is made to supply equipment described within website/invoice/delivery note however all items are subject to availability and suitable substitutions may be required to be supplied. Any equipment which cannot be supplied due to circumstances beyond the control of Choices Hire Ltd will require a refund by Choices Hire Ltd for any monies paid for that item but there is no liability to pay compensation to the Hirer for any reason. If any equipment fails, we will endeavour to replace subject to stock availability or repair it as soon as is practically possible after failure has been reported. 

The hirer is responsible for the safe keeping of all equipment from commencement of hire to the time of return.  All equipment must be stored away and protected from the elements. The hirer shall not alter, modify or attempt repair of the equipment without the express permission or agreement of Choices Hire Ltd. Full public liability insurance is held by Choices Hire Ltd, however this relates only to such liability and customers are advised to seek separate damage/loss insurance (New for Old) for items in their possession. The hirer shall fully indemnify Choices in respect of claims by any party for the death or personal injury or damage to property caused by or in conjunction with or arising out of any hired items.  Terms and Conditions of Choices Hire Ltd updated June 2020.

Wash-up Policy

Hygiene is of the utmost importance to us both in the cleaning, storage and transportation process. Our equipment is maintained to the highest standard.  All electrical items are PAT tested, gas equipment is tested and maintaned appropriately and such equipment is provided with full user instructions.

Boxes provided for the carrying or storage of crockery, cutlery and other items are fully washable and are able to sustain being cleaned using commercial dishwashers.  Boxes for the storage of glassware are able to be stripped down, cleaned and sanitised. Crockery items and other individual items are shrink wrapped for further protection and maintenance of hygiene standards.

Commercial dishwashers are used for washing and a commercial glassware washer is dedicated purely for the purpose of washing glassware in order to prevent any possible contamination.  Glassware is hand polished to ensure a high standard.

In order to keep our commercial washers in excellent order, items for cleaning are hand rinsed in hot water prior to going through the commercial washing process.  Cleaning maintenance of the machines is performed after each use, filters are stripped and cleaned to avoid any possible build up of debris or grease which may impair the results of the machines.

Once our cutlery is hand rinsed and then washed through the commercial washers it is then passed through a cutlery polisher.  After the washing process you would be correct in thinking that the process is sufficient for the cutlery to be sterile, shiny and fit for use. However, we go one step further.

Where appropriate cutlery is processed via a separate drying and cleansing process that is concluded by the items being passed under an ultra violet light for complete sanitation.

At the final stage, the cutlery passes through a UV light which keeps the grain free from bacteria, maximizing hygiene and delivering the perfect knives, forks and spoons ready for our customers. This process removes all of those damp and unhygienic towels and allows us to handle the cutlery as little as possible thus ensuring the highest possible standard of hygiene.

Privacy Policy

We will not share any information you provide with anyone outside our core business use unless lawfully required by court order or lawful request by law enforcement agencies. We do not insist on your address or telephone number on our web site enquiry form as a condition of contacting us. If you choose to provide us with those details for us to contact you, please provide those details in the Comments section. Again, these details will not be passed to anyone outside our business.

CCTV is in operation at our warehouse. In compliance with the Data Protection Act and Information Commisioner Office images are being monitored and recorded for the purposes of crime prevention and public safety.  We are GDPR compliant.
ISO9001:2015 Certificate #150117

High quality service to you. Each year we submit ourselves to be independently audited to the ISO 9001 standard.

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